Composite Materials

Use of resin-based composites has increased in dentistry because of the increasing demand for esthetics.  Better marginal adaptation and ease of handling have resulted in the introduction and widespread use of flowable resin-based composites with low viscosities.

There are many brands of flowable composite that can effectively create an esthetic result for your EZ Veneers™ case.  The “before & afters” on this website were created with Ivoclar’s Tetric EvoFlow (composite) and Ivoclar’s ExciTE F (bonding).  If the goal is to lengthen, then consider bulk filling before inserting the EZ Veneers™ stent and injecting the flowable composite.  After lengthening with restorative resin based composite, then try in the EZ Veneers™ stent and finish with flowable composite.

Tetric EvoFlow is an “Evo” lution in modern composite technology.  Tetric EvoFlow’s many advantages begin with wear resistance, polishability, handling, low shrinkage, marginal integrity and strength.  New types of nanoparticles, not used in other products to date, will result in greater benefits than simply focusing on “the usual” nano-filler particles. Nano-technology has been integrated into 3 areas of Tetric EvoFlow:

Nano-filler: faster and easier polishability, low wear

Nano-pigments: chameleon affect (the adjusting of shade to the surrounding teeth)

Nano-modifiers: stability of form

EZ Veneers™ recommended materials (click for manufacturer's brochure):

•Tetric EvoFlow

•ExciTE F